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(when a stewardess gets off the plane)


Hello to everyone who comes to read me!!

  I was based in Europe , working for a big major European Airline Company and  flew  over 20 years mostly towards Asia, Europe and North America , and have almost 10.000 hours of flight time(duty).    From time to time, I also had the duty  flights to some countries in Africa and South America..   If I count my private flight time, I think it might be nearly the double!

  I really liked flying, and sometimes I miss it.    When I was a younger stewardess, I saw so many older Cabin attendants and Captains doing their last flight. Often with tears, or at least with emotions in their voice, saying goodbye to passengers for the very last time.  I imagined longtime  how will be mine…

   My last flight arrived suddenly just after my holidays.

    §§  You may discover over my tips, that now, I often take some other styles of traveling.§§

 Hope we can share my passions of travel, and you will like it!!!



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