A Panda-baby announced for this week in France’s zoo

We have to keep our breath to know,if this time,HuanHuan will really give birth to her baby,at the zoo of Beauval.(France)
HuanHuan,aged of 8 years old arrived in Jan 2012,with her partner YuanZi.The French zoo have rented them to the Chinese government for 10 years,for the annual fee of 1 million US dollars.

Of course,it meant to help The Panda Foundation,to  make increase the birth levels in China!

As this animal is known to have only 48 hours of a period by year,more special scientists are required to help having an artificial insemination.

So this time,HuanHuan( which means Joyful in Chinese) is expected to give birth on the 4th or 5th of August.

The head of the local staffs announced last week,that a baby-panda of 3.5cm was seen by an echography,the only way to be sure of this coming happy event.

Just the echography made in the last week prior to the birth can be considered, Last year when she had a (fake)nervous pregnency,she had the same signs as if she were really having a baby,and a small thing could be seen by the echography!

Ah! these sensitive Panda’s female!

The external sign of the future Panda’s Mom is special: lost of appetite & a very high increase of the hormone.and finally,1 to 2 days before the birth,the progesteron’s level will get low suddenly.

So let’s wait another small week to see this small baby of 100grams,and measuring from 10 to 15cm!!!!

The Chinese Panda’s specialists have left China to come to assist & help the French zoo’s team. It will be the only birth in European zoo in 2017.

This coming Panda’s baby belongs to the Chinese government(the Panda Foundation,to be exact),even if he or she is born in France,and has to go back to China in 2027.

For me,who have never seen a Panda(only on TV,or newspaper),


coming announcement is

Another way of Travel ❣️



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