Entertainments & activities on board

Hello everyone!!

Sorry,so long that I didn’t post any topics,here….My Russian cruise’s posts come to the end,too. This is a part of the entertainments proposed on board during the cruise over the Volga.

Often,there are many at the same time,so,you easily imagine I could’t attend everything!

While my cruising,there were 3 anguages’groups of passengers.Each group has its’ own guide and activity’s organizer.

Sometimes,for example,for the Casino Night,it was for all passengers,organized in French & English.

This is a photo I’ve taken the crew ‘s rehearsal of the Casino,the night before.

I was just walking in the corridor after my dinner,to have better digestion! When there are visits to do,you walk a lot,but if not,you eat too much without doing exercises……

He’s the ship’s photograph,too
Russian way of receiving you,besides with the ”vodka”

In conclusion,I never had time to be bored ,the main activity is of course the visits to the sites of every stop the ship Tolstoi made from St Petersburg to Moscow.

The only negative points if I can say so,is the lack of time to visit the 2 megacities!!

Concerning the comfort aboard the ship,such as the WiFi missing,it’s due to the sailing’s routes far from the civilations. 

You cross the wonderful landscapes,beautiful & peaceful lakes and across non life’s woods, what else to ask??honestly!

I hope I could share my passionate cruising experience with you guys,

  and see you again for another cruise soon(I hope so!)

Thank you coming on my blog!!


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